An Abstract

National Summit on Smokeless and Spit Tobacco

The National Steering Committee for the 8th National Summit on Smokeless and Spit Tobacco (Summit) invites your participation in helping to advance leadership, research, and programs aimed at reducing the threat posed by the use of smokeless and spit tobacco products. Currently, the Summit is the only national conference devoted to sharing the science and solutions on the smokeless tobacco problem. The Summit will provide an open forum to discuss a variety of key aspects which define the health and social implications of using smokeless and spit tobacco products. Learn more about the Summit.

In this special call for abstracts, we are seeking for poster presentations. We are giving special consideration to abstracts that highlight community interventions that address smokeless and spit tobacco.

Any abstracts submitted that have been supported by the tobacco industry will not be reviewed.

Policy and environmental change interventions


New and emerging state and local policy options (i.e., baseball stadiums, flavor sales restrictions, coupon redemption restrictions, tobacco-free property, etc.)
Complexities of tobacco-free policy education/enforcement
Point of sale promotion & consumer protection –
FDA policy needs (flavors, “smokeless is less harmful,” graphic labels)
Internet sources of tobacco distribution
Interdisciplinary topics (i.e., creating environments for healthy living, eating, tobacco-free lifestyle)
Community coalitions and activities – local policy promotion

Recent Data

Health risks (including chemical analysis and health data) of smokeless tobacco use
Heart attacks & hypertension
Dental destruction
Initiation of drug dependence/mental health issues
Prevalence data – sources and how to use
Youth initiation – Smokeless to additional tobacco products/risk behaviors
FDA – research for product regulation
Interdisciplinary topics (i.e., interplay between healthy living, eating, etc. and smokeless tobacco use)