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Presentations from the Summit

We received several requests to share the power point presentations from the summit. Following are the presentations that we have received permission to share, check back for updates:

Keynote: Resurrecting Godzilla: Transforming the Fight against Smokeless Tobacco, Pamela Ling

1. Rodeo: A Venue for Cultural Change in Rural Youth, Alison Reidmohr, Crissie Hansen and Mary Owens

4. Emerging Tobacco Products…What you Need to Know, Jodi Radke

5. Does Smokeless Tobacco Cause Mouth Cancer?, Nagamani Narayana

6. Using Social Media for Smokeless Tobacco Dependence Education, Margie Arnett and Jill Loewen

7. Engaging Youth as Point of Sale Advocates, Megan Tulikangas

11. Restoring Balance and Harmony in Our Communities; Reaching out to Montana’s American Indian Population, Janet Sucha and American Indian Tobacco Prevention Specialists

12. Dual Tobacco User Subtypes in the US Air Force: Addiction, Attitudes and other Correlates of Use, Pamela Ling

12. The Impact of Dual Tobacco Product Use on Tobacco Cessation and Relapse, Herb Severson

Plenary: The Changing Landscape of Smokeless Tobacco Marketing, from Moist Snuff Tobacco to Dissolvables, Jane Lewis

14. Development and Implementation of Competency-Based Tobacco Cessation Strategies in Dental and Dental Hygiene Educational Programs, Susan Morgan, Amy Funk, Suann Gaydos

Plenary:Public Health Interventions for Smokeless Tobacco Cessation: A Review of New and Innovative Methods, Herb Severson

15. Policy Initiatives Led by Youth to Create Tobacco Free Parks, Playgrounds and Recreational Fields, Anne Lail

16. Cultivating and Empowering Youth to Impact Policy, Carleen Crawford

17. Passing 100% Tobacco-Free Campus Policies: A Montana Success Story, Ann Quinn-Zobeck

18. All it Takes is a Spark: Empowering Youth Advocates and Igniting Change in Higher Education, Katie Halverson

19. Developing a National Strategy to Address Dual Tobacco Use, Janet Porter and Bruce Adkins

24. Smokeless Tobacco Marketing: Getting Personal, Betsy Brock

26. Sport Marketing and Tobacco: History and Future, Chris Snyder

Sub-Plenary: Smokeless Tobacco in Sports, Trevor Newby

Sub-Plenary: Smokeless Tobacco in Sports, Richard Meckstroth

Sub-Plenary: There’s No Smoke, But There’s Fire: Smokeless Tobacco Use in Military Communities, Colleen Haydon

32. Spit It Out! ~ Rural Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Strategies, Donald Reed

33.  Transmitting Teen Tobacco Trends: Using Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Data to Inform Tobacco Prevention Programs, Lisa Schmidt

34.Assessment of Risk Perceptions of Novel Tobacco Products and Traditional Oral and Smoked Tobacco Products, Herb Severson, Nora Van Meter

35. The Future of Federal Regulation of Spit and Smokeless Tobacco Products, Desmond Jenson, Ashley Ross and Lorna Schmidt

Plenary: Regulating Smokeless Tobacco: Current Regulations, Policy Options, and Practical Experience

37. Manipulicious: Wisconsin’s Youth Advocacy Campaign to Expose Big Tobacco’s Candy Coated Lies, Luke Witkowski

39. All Hands on Deck: Building Military- Civilian Partnerships to Address Smokeless Tobacco Use in YOUR Community, Colleen Haydon

42. A Historical Review of the Health Effects of Chewing Tobacco and Major League Baseball, Robin Silverstein

43. Tobacco Industry Strategies to Influence Science and Policy Promoting Reduced Harm Products, Ann Boonn

43. Countering Tobacco Industry Strategies to Promote Harm Reduction Policies in State Legislatures: Oklahoma Case Study, Tracey Strader

45. Pumping Up the Volume on Wisconsin’s Tax Equity Initiative, Melissa Horn

Tobacco Cessation Guidelines for Dental Professionals, Susan Morgan, Amy Funk and Melissa Gaydos





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